Wealthy Angel


A whiff of sadness brushed against my face when I read so many “I miss you’s” from others…
Probably because if sadness changed the color of my skin I’d be blue,
I admit I took you for granted in the sense of believing you’d be here forever..
And I fault my dreams for the false hopes of us in the end all being together..
Somehow.. I’ve became accustomed to this feeling..
And then other times I have no clue how I’m dealing..
We miss you…
Our hearts are toppling over like a game of Jenga..
And yet with all the good memories you created with us..
We can’t help but to think that’s all we’re left with..
I don’t want to understand why this happened,
However I wanted to understand you…
How could I have not seen the color of your soul..
For how long was it blue?
Missing you has became an action..
Because my body has gone weak.. That’s called an reaction..
Missing you seems like it doesn’t fit the description of what’s being felt..
But I do understand that without you I’m not whole..
So if “missing” describes what’s something that’s not whole..
Then it’s correct because I have half a soul.


I miss you bestfriend… The 29th of every month comes by so quickly. 5 months is still so recent. 

Tyrell we (Jennifer, Angel, Keihlyn, Kierra, Atiyyah, Tyler, Dymond, Aeron, TomC, Tommy) miss you more than words can explain & even my poem doesn’t do the job. Thank you for everything. We love you. #SuicideAwareness


Stay strong!


This is just a reminder for anyone who’s having irrational thoughts about suicide, the significance of your life & purpose here on earth. Although times are tough, so are you. Keep your head up.. Give yourself another chance everyday to be great & to love yourself. Realize that love goes past yourself & there are people who care for you more than you know. Use the motivation that once your suffering is over your story will help someone too someday.. Things get better, stay strong & don’t make giving up an option. 

-Jennifer.Hall 🙂

With a little help…

With a little help,
She.. finally met who she was destined to be..
With a little help,
She.. understood who’s in the mirror is me
With a little help she begin to discover her..
Slowly but surely she’s beginning to fully love herself..
the mirror.. the definition of truth
and when irrational thoughts fill her head..
the mirror reminds her that the reflection is you..
perfecting her soul, her first task
earning credits in a self love course..
With a little help.. She’ll become who’s she’s meant to be..
One day she’ll feel confident enough to say I love me.

-Jennifer.Hall 🙂 sorry for the delay guys!

Watch out for her 

She won’t break you like those other girls will. That’s exactly why you’re terrified of her. She could make you happy. And you know being happy is the most terrifying thing in the universe. Once you’re happy it can be taken from you.


Sorry for the delay of poetry my blog family.. Im working on a song with my friends for the late memory of my bestfriend Ty… I should be uploading one again next week until then its all focus on this project ☺️😝 Cant wait to share it with you all!

-Jennifer Hall


I questioned would I ever be able to truly let you go..
Considering what you did to me..
I knew things had changed, but i never thought your love did..
I knew the sex felt different when you were home but I assumed we were both shy again..
You said you’d never do what you did…
You said you loved me..
that same day..
I just hope you formed what love was yourself..
because its no immatation of mine..
You’re happy now..
and the picture showed it all..
and to see you so happy really made me feel good..
because love is wanting more..
even when they break your heart..
even when you ask your lover in the eye if they want to continue..
what did you want to exactly continue?
hurting me…?
I never gave up…
Its obvious..
because look at me.. and look at you..
I love you dearly.
I love your happiness even more.
Cheers to this closure.
Cheers to you.

-Jennifer. Hall