For you.

Most days my demons are silent, but when they talk
oh God how they scream..
every since you left my soul has been on neutral
and the smallest things create a puddle in my eyes..
that turns out to be waterfalls..
The great wall of china couldn’t hold back the strong force
of what my eyes release
I don’t know if I can make it this month
this month last year.. you were here
You were always there.
I hate time,
because along with time it never seems to
take away the pain..
the pain that fills my eyes..
the pain that crushes my thoughts knowing
I’ll never have a best friend like you again..
I miss you..
I hate the demons that hunted you..
I hate how silent demons appear to be on the outside..
but oh God, how they scream in the inside
You are my heaven Tyrell.

-Jennifer Hall


Broken Promises

I am not the way I used to be
I am stronger and wiser as you can see;
Remember my words, my father said
As he cradled me up and laid me to bed;
You will someday be a lady with a life of your own
With someone to love you as I have shown;
I will always be here to lend a hand
To help you and guide you when you don’t understand;
Somehow I believed his words I’d see
He was not the father he promised to be;
Instead he was a man who did not care
My mother was my father because he was never there;
I often cry myself to sleep
My father’s love was not mine to keep
I miss my father I won’t lie
Not a single hug or one last goodbye
He is now a man free to roam
Not worrying of his family or coming home
He walked out of my life and never turned my way
Oh, why Daddy, why didn’t you stay?


One of the biggest fears we all possessis the fear of the unknown
When change comes blowing through our lives
We often feel lost, unsure of ourselves and alone 
Change is inevitable in our lives
It is as certain as the air we breathe
We can let it fill our souls with fear
or we can embrace it and follow where it leads
Change is not always an easy road
It requires us to examine our very existence
Sometimes we must leave the past behind
Even though our hearts and minds offer only resistance
Change can take us from our comfortable world
and drag us into unfamiliar places
We do not know what the next day will bring
We are met with new surroundings and new faces
Change can be a daunting experience
and it is natural to be afraid
But change can bring clarity to our lives 
and make self-doubt and worry fade
We all deserve a fresh start 
Change gives us the opportunity to start anew
To discover what dreams we have kept hidden in our hearts
and to give them the chance to shine through


It’s late night, spontaneously
A car ride to the beach.. Vibin with eachother
Vibrations rising off of our heart beats
In sync…
We’ve became whole
Stoping by the store to quench our thirst
We’re back on the way.. Gripping eachothers parts weaknesses
The feeling it brings
Making it to the night scene..
The air is fresh
The vibe is crisp
The love we share is the perfect gift
Blankets, Snacks and openess
A couple of shots, we’re feeling it
A couple more we’re living it
There goes one article of clothing
Laying on our backs, one with the world
One with one another, soaking in the moment
Sponge like memeory
The sounds of the waves crashing
Becoming in sync with the movement of our bodies colliding
Sex on the beach

-Jennifer Hall 2015


The beauty that lies at the shore line,The water automatically stops 
The beauty that lies at the lower eyelid causing 
the tears stop
Crashing of water against each other 
causing waves
The thumping of your heart against your chest
creating a cave 
Sand to absorb the the oceans debris 
The mind to absorb the thought of the feeling
The body becoming one with the ocean..
That’s why she loves the beach so much,
An understanding no one gets without a touch
-Jennifer Hall


The person I true am isn’t the one you see
My inner self is trying to break free.
Break free of this cage.
A cage placed on herself by itself.
Trying to get someone to notice.
Trying to show others who she truly is
Nothing works
They don’t see it
The inner cage that is hidden
They walk past noticing nothing
But shes constantly screaming inside
Trying to get your attention
Even though a single decibel can’t be heard
Just endless screaming
Until the few who bother
To break into this world
But they don’t stay
They never stay
Constantly leaving
Locking the cage again
She fights to break free
Tries to keep them around
To have someone to speak to
Someone to spend time with
Someone to be real
But its impossible
Holding her head up high
Wishing for the best
The happiness that others experience
What was one there
Always disappear
Walking the world alone
Following this path
Try to find someone who will notice
The way she suffers
To comfort her
To make her happy once again
To free her from this cage.