For you.

Most days my demons are silent, but when they talk
oh God how they scream..
every since you left my soul has been on neutral
and the smallest things create a puddle in my eyes..
that turns out to be waterfalls..
The great wall of china couldn’t hold back the strong force
of what my eyes release
I don’t know if I can make it this month
this month last year.. you were here
You were always there.
I hate time,
because along with time it never seems to
take away the pain..
the pain that fills my eyes..
the pain that crushes my thoughts knowing
I’ll never have a best friend like you again..
I miss you..
I hate the demons that hunted you..
I hate how silent demons appear to be on the outside..
but oh God, how they scream in the inside
You are my heaven Tyrell.

-Jennifer Hall


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