Broken Promises

I am not the way I used to be
I am stronger and wiser as you can see;
Remember my words, my father said
As he cradled me up and laid me to bed;
You will someday be a lady with a life of your own
With someone to love you as I have shown;
I will always be here to lend a hand
To help you and guide you when you don’t understand;
Somehow I believed his words I’d see
He was not the father he promised to be;
Instead he was a man who did not care
My mother was my father because he was never there;
I often cry myself to sleep
My father’s love was not mine to keep
I miss my father I won’t lie
Not a single hug or one last goodbye
He is now a man free to roam
Not worrying of his family or coming home
He walked out of my life and never turned my way
Oh, why Daddy, why didn’t you stay?


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