One of the biggest fears we all possessis the fear of the unknown
When change comes blowing through our lives
We often feel lost, unsure of ourselves and alone 
Change is inevitable in our lives
It is as certain as the air we breathe
We can let it fill our souls with fear
or we can embrace it and follow where it leads
Change is not always an easy road
It requires us to examine our very existence
Sometimes we must leave the past behind
Even though our hearts and minds offer only resistance
Change can take us from our comfortable world
and drag us into unfamiliar places
We do not know what the next day will bring
We are met with new surroundings and new faces
Change can be a daunting experience
and it is natural to be afraid
But change can bring clarity to our lives 
and make self-doubt and worry fade
We all deserve a fresh start 
Change gives us the opportunity to start anew
To discover what dreams we have kept hidden in our hearts
and to give them the chance to shine through


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