The person I true am isn’t the one you see
My inner self is trying to break free.
Break free of this cage.
A cage placed on herself by itself.
Trying to get someone to notice.
Trying to show others who she truly is
Nothing works
They don’t see it
The inner cage that is hidden
They walk past noticing nothing
But shes constantly screaming inside
Trying to get your attention
Even though a single decibel can’t be heard
Just endless screaming
Until the few who bother
To break into this world
But they don’t stay
They never stay
Constantly leaving
Locking the cage again
She fights to break free
Tries to keep them around
To have someone to speak to
Someone to spend time with
Someone to be real
But its impossible
Holding her head up high
Wishing for the best
The happiness that others experience
What was one there
Always disappear
Walking the world alone
Following this path
Try to find someone who will notice
The way she suffers
To comfort her
To make her happy once again
To free her from this cage.


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