Wealthy Angel


A whiff of sadness brushed against my face when I read so many “I miss you’s” from others…
Probably because if sadness changed the color of my skin I’d be blue,
I admit I took you for granted in the sense of believing you’d be here forever..
And I fault my dreams for the false hopes of us in the end all being together..
Somehow.. I’ve became accustomed to this feeling..
And then other times I have no clue how I’m dealing..
We miss you…
Our hearts are toppling over like a game of Jenga..
And yet with all the good memories you created with us..
We can’t help but to think that’s all we’re left with..
I don’t want to understand why this happened,
However I wanted to understand you…
How could I have not seen the color of your soul..
For how long was it blue?
Missing you has became an action..
Because my body has gone weak.. That’s called an reaction..
Missing you seems like it doesn’t fit the description of what’s being felt..
But I do understand that without you I’m not whole..
So if “missing” describes what’s something that’s not whole..
Then it’s correct because I have half a soul.


I miss you bestfriend… The 29th of every month comes by so quickly. 5 months is still so recent. 

Tyrell we (Jennifer, Angel, Keihlyn, Kierra, Atiyyah, Tyler, Dymond, Aeron, TomC, Tommy) miss you more than words can explain & even my poem doesn’t do the job. Thank you for everything. We love you. #SuicideAwareness


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