I questioned would I ever be able to truly let you go..
Considering what you did to me..
I knew things had changed, but i never thought your love did..
I knew the sex felt different when you were home but I assumed we were both shy again..
You said you’d never do what you did…
You said you loved me..
that same day..
I just hope you formed what love was yourself..
because its no immatation of mine..
You’re happy now..
and the picture showed it all..
and to see you so happy really made me feel good..
because love is wanting more..
even when they break your heart..
even when you ask your lover in the eye if they want to continue..
what did you want to exactly continue?
hurting me…?
I never gave up…
Its obvious..
because look at me.. and look at you..
I love you dearly.
I love your happiness even more.
Cheers to this closure.
Cheers to you.

-Jennifer. Hall


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