Temporary Light

I employed you to bring me happiness..
happiness in which I realized had no value,
happiness in which is supposed to be completely priceless
but for as long as you brought it to me.. I was happy
I was okay..
Thinking for the moment..
cause what happens when you can no longer serve the purpose I gave to you?
I’d be in utter rot
everything would fall apart,
temporary healing for a deeper wound..
I dont blame you..
you did your duty for as long as you could..
as you should..
The problem was I made you in charge of my happiness..
The problem was.. that method would only last so long and I knew..
but being content is a feeling that keeps your thoughts warm at night,
only for a short amount of time..
the little light in you..
the one thats dim..
find it, feed it, love it..
thats where your happiness rests..
its been waiting for you to make you happy for so long.

(Generate love & positive energy today guys! Be the only one to control your happiness or it’ll only be temporary:)


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