Discussion about Love

Please do not hesitate to disagree and comment your opinion 🙂

What is love? (My view)

Love is.. Unconditional. Love is reciprocated; but not lessen due to the lack of reciprocation. Love feeds on the joy that comes from within. Love strengthens thoughts of kindness, peace, hope and success toward the one that is loved. It needs no invitation. I believe love is not as much of an emotion as it is a decision. Now I say it is a decision because you have to chose to love that person even on the days you are not in love. When you decide to love nothing can come between you and that love. Not hurt or rejection. Nothing. Love is indescribable even when attempting to describe it. The more I fathom about it the more I can’t understand it, but if you really think about it LOVE is everything. It can make you beautiful, smile and daydream and care for others like you’ve never imagined. It can make you happier despite the odds, It can make you go places you have never been spiritually. Love is mutual respect and acceptance of each other. Its finding the one person who you can truly see sharing your whole life with despite those sometimes annoying habits they may have. It’s sacrafice and sharing, giving and taking, and definitely mutually reciprocated. Sometimes not to the same degree because let’s face it, sometimes there are days you may not “Like” your partner but would defend them to the end. Love is enduring even after the “lust” has worn off. Love is looking at your partner and still desire them because of ALL they are not just what they can do in the sack. Love is all emotions invested in one person. Love makes you question your sanity. Love is only taught by experience. I apologize for what I think love is.. And why I want reciprocation.



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