Starry mind

My hearts moving dramatically like a seismograph..
When I think of you
I’ve gone sleepless..
Days seem to be livable and then some days seems like it’s impossible
When I think of you..
I promised you I’d be alright..
And I hear you saying to stop thinking crazy
I still feel you here
And I don’t think I can make it
But when the sun shines I feel you smiling at me
Gloomy days like today I just keep telling you I won’t give up
Although I want to
I love you
Life isn’t what it once was when you were here
Admit me one to were you are
Permission to rest in peace I seek for..
I hear music more than ever..
I’ve eliminated all words
Beats intrigue me…
Maybe because I realize how capable you were
When I think of you
My perception of everything became vivid
And I’m not used to it
When I think of you
I question who am I.



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