Never knew what a father was..
Not in my biologically father who I looked up to as a young girl..
Who I seen what the world looked like inside of one person..
Who I admired the beauty of a smile & the way he carried himself
Or the one who promised me so many things that I believed
Only to grow up and realize there was more important things than his only daughter..
At least I think..
I guess drugs were more important to him..
I never knew what a father was when my mom re married
And he who was suppose to fill the void
Only ripped what was being prepared out of its stitches
To bleed and relive another horror story
Giving a chance to a complete stranger.. In no way connected
Not blood
Nor mentally
To feel what I felt I described as hate
It had to be what hate felt like
Because not only did we not connect 20 years later
We never had a relationship
The only thing I learned from him is what I’d never want in another human being
I take back hate..
More of a lesson..
2 lessons..
Figured out the only father I had was God..
He has made me who I am today..
Father is an understatement



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