Downfall of the literal feel

Heart being held captive
already broken… Staples to fix what’s visible for others to see.. Only a illusion
Feeling of a slingshot being aimed at my chest with a arrow weapon
Pierced and unable to detach, working around an open wound..
The pretending that it’s all okay
Knowing my day to day thoughts aren’t healthy and any day now.. I’ll meet my best friend again..
Because he just won’t enter my dreams and give me the signal..
The signal that God has him..
The signal that he still hears me..
The burn I endure from my chest to my mind when I think about the way he went out…
The boiling of tears.. Releasing of a different temperature
Burning my skin..
I’ve let him in..
Talk to me.. Before I make the decision to come talk to you..
The only reason I haven’t yet is because I want to make sure I’m in the same place as you.
Burning ache..

I’m falling apart w/o you Tyrell. I’m losing my right mind and my body is full of ache. My nights are short and my mind is over capacity.. Please speak to me. I love and miss you terribly it’s destroying me.. I’m weak. Rest in peace 😞


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