Not so subliminal

Awaiting the day..
I’m laying on the bed waiting for my “Him” and I vow to make him feel like the center of the universe..
And a regular day after work would be similar to me..
Laying on a silk comforter, the folds and creases hugging the curves of my body
Waiting to be daddy’s Superstar, giving acceptance speeches to the microphone .. And not literal..
Get the visual?
Thanking Him for the lessons only daddy could teach me..
Performed then Promoted.. My body has became the golden statue award
Private performer..
Hot and heated, eruptions of champagne with a different taste..
Allowing none to go to waste..
Because wet spots are visible on silk..
And the slide in from any angle would feel like I’ve been shot into the Galaxy by a time machine..
Feeling like the brightest star visible to the eye..
My palms filled with a puddle of moistness..
Unaware we somehow ended up on different ends but where it all begins.. Sixty…….Nine
Playing a lullaby down the center of his thighs..
And the tongue becoming a door stopper like object..
Flicking in every way..
Encouraging me to get rid of the joy stick..
Who knew?
Only a true superstar..
Only daddy’s superstar..
Now where is my “Him”



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