Worth it?

Is it worth holding on to that?
That anger
That hurt
That grudge
That hate
Is it worth it waking up the next day remembering to hold on to what intoxicates your body
Intoxicates your mind
Is it worth it getting a phone call that he/she is no longer here?
For what it’s worth.. Forgive
Forgive for yourself
Your mind
Your heart
Your soul
Is it worth your happiness?
Lives continue and they go on..
Yet your steaming from the soul to keep this person on your bad side
Life goes on.. And your decaying
Your pure soul has become rotten
Your eyes have become dark
And your mind is cloudy..
All because you’re constantly remembering not to forget..
Is it worth the work?
Is it worth it?


(Forgive others.. Not for them but for you. Forgiveness is one of the toughest task from a day to day basis and it’s worth much more to let go than carry a backpack full of rocks up a mountain.. Give your soul a rest. Forgive.)


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