Feeling really wordy…!

So this is not a poem.. (No twist to it)
First off.. I am appalled by how many followers I have gained over the year.. I always knew it’d be hard to gain followers who liked your thoughts or your way of writing and I am forever grateful for you all who check my blog on the daily especially those from around the world and different countries. It’s actually pretty scary that people around the world are interested in what a 20 yr old female who only knows California to be home poetry.. For who knew my thoughts were applicable or even worth a read and it makes me feel amazing. I’ve came a long way.. And the end of 2014 was tragic for me in many areas.. As you all know or if you haven’t read I lost my best friend to suicide. It’s always been a touchy subject but it became something I had to deal with.. You never know what others are going through so I encourage you to treat everyone.. Even those who you don’t think deserve it with kindness, love and dignity it could go a long way. Let your loved ones know you care and always reassure them that they have someone to talk to about anything in the world. From this situation it has made me unbelievably strong minded & more caring than ever and I know I was an awesome friend to Tyrell so I live peacefully with a huge section of my heart dedicated to him (: I’ve always been that positive weirdo & earthy dork to my friends and never truly embraced it because it made me almost uncomfortable to be different but.. Being that I’ve “glo’d” up spiritually & from within I proudly accept the compliments lol. Coming anxiously into 2015 I have had a amazing day every day of the New year. I have no regrets and I’ve taken everything and pocketed to be a better woman & human being to others.. I wish nothing but great things upon you all for this year, with hopes that the progression you need moves you so very far. May you remember to be kind to others and loving.. Let not your light dim when faced with obstacles or people who make you feel unworthy.. You are important. Thank you again for all the love it is soooo great❤️ THIS IS THE YEAR OF GREAT THINGS!
God is love -RevRun😂



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