And then I finally understood..
I didn’t need another faucet of tears to fill my sheets to get it
I didn’t need the feeling of my heart sinking into the black hole of my body to comprehend
But this time.. I knew I got it
This time I knew I had became stronger than I’ve ever been…
I knew losing a best friend would be devastating but I hadn’t known how strong it’d make me with everyday challenges
I knew I was very sensitive because i’d see words that felt like holes had been punched in my heart
I knew others wouldn’t be as loyal to me as I was to them..
No matter how much love I showed..
But I knew I understood
Because now I’m back were I started.. Without a relationship, and short of a best friend
Yet this time.. I get it
This time I’m happy..
This time around I will be greater than I’ve ever been..
And this time I’ll be more careful of who’ve I let in..
Life goes on.. People change..
Hearts decay.. And feelings fade
Life is what I call it..
This time I get it..
This time I’m happy..
Thankfully I had such an amazing best friend to teach me so much..
And thankfully I will mot dwell on the pass because I gave it my all..
Closure for two situations
And I’m thankful for it all 🙂



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