I’ve realized I was only okay with everything I was going through because you were there…
You were there for me through it all..
You’ve talked me out of the sad contemplation of ending it all..
And then you did it..
I guess you knew I was all talk..
I was okay going through everything I went through because at the end of the day.. You were there to call.
Suddenly I feel like I took you for granted..
Suddenly I feel like I’ve lost my diary..
Here I am with the key but my book has gone missing..
Suddenly I realize you were more than a best friend..
And I wonder how am I going to make it?
It sounds kind of crazy that I want to end it all.. After you’ve taught me this lesson..
And I realize it every time I look at my mom and brother..
Suddenly I realize more of the people that actually care are where you are..
And suddenly I have built up the courage to attempt..
My words feel repetitive when I write about you.. And it’s aggravating..
My words will ever be the same as Lin as you’re gone..
And we’ll that’s forever..
And I know I’ll get tired of reading my same depression over and over when it comes to you..
I question why?
Why’d you have to do this? Why’d you leave me? Why didn’t you talk to me? Why were you so selfish with yourself? Your purpose was greater..
I miss you..
My ache has gone pass my heart and through the blood that pumps my body..
All for you..
I love you..
20 years wasn’t the end.. And now it’s like a new beginning
Because I have to live day to day like I had an imaginary friend named Tyrell Altiyon Davis..
The sadness that feels my heart
Will forever be repetitive

-Jennifer.Hall rip Tyrell.. I miss you more than words can ever explain.


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