I stood by your side with everything you chose to do..
Not like I had a fair choice because I loved you
No matter how bad it hurt both me and the relationship
I knew if I wanted to keep you for the rest of my life Id have to bend
My back is stuck, I’m close to breaking
My back is weak, I can’t stop shaking
And you don’t even notice..
Eternally I’m sick
Not with a severe sickness
But with fog, chains & unhappiness
I’ve been on hold for a long time and you have yet to switch the phone back over..
In all this time I’ve been waiting
Reminiscing about how much I loved being just your friend..
The second step isn’t where I want to live in
I’m a written book on the outside
You have even read a sentence..
This book is almost closed and my words are being washed off my body..
You don’t notice..
Soon I’ll be a blank canvas again
You’ll think I changed
But when I had it all written on me you never once understood
I’m more than just a women..
I’m more than just a temporary girlfriend
The sticky tape is loosing its grip
My heart is skipping beats
All for you to just notice me..
Notice what kind of girl I am..
Notice the small things about me I hadn’t noticed myself
Notice that my soul is a magical
And my heart is pure gold..
Notice that about time you notice
This will all be old
And when you notice, I’ll be gone..
Because what was written on me for you to see will never be told

-Jennifer. Hall


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