I remember one day..
You asked me “what inspires you to write?”
And I replied “Pain, Hurt, Sadness, Heartaches”
And now it’s like you purposely became the ink that flows out of my pen
Because you’re gone now…
And only you knew why I’d write..
Only you knew the thoughts that ran through my mind..
Only you knew what my internal pain looked like..
Only you..
And only you encouraged me to keep writing.. Only you told me how amazing of a writer I was..
Only you showed me I had purpose..
I was so busy locked inside of my own body..
Heart in a cage and mind decaying that I hadn’t realized all that was going on around me..
My answer still remains the same..
Not only were you my best friend but you’ve became my pain..
I always tried to find the positive in most situations
And for this one I was convinced I never would..
But the message behind your departure seems so clear..
You leaving the world became my pain..
And now I’m drawn to always writing..
You knew you’d have a purpose while you were gone..
I wish you knew how important your purpose was on earth..
But now.. My pen never runs out of ink..
My mind has been repaired..
Because what I thought was pain and what I know now I can hardly bare..
But I thank you..
I thank you for causing this pain for me..
I won’t give up..
I may run out of paper.. But my pen forever lives..
I love you Best friend.. May you rest in peace.



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