Humming Bird

There is a humming bird in your smile
You know she talks to me
rapidly in rhythm and poetry
unlock this cage
with your keys
and make a melody
You make me sick to my stomach
as these caterpillars form into butterflies
as the bees swarm to make honey
between these thighs
How can you not see
That you stand high above the ground
6 feet
let the gravel be your statue
chin up right in liberty
Imagine you laying by my side
in silence finally solidified
But we are paralyzed
in time
so let’s make symphonies
with those hands
tick tock tick
Do you ever imagine
rolling over for those midnight kisses
under the moonlight
creating a classical sonata
no longer for a soloist
let’s create cliches
produce what people only
saw in plays
generate albums of 90s r&b
moaning electronic instrumentals
through these veins
as they string along played by your thumb
and index fingers
perhaps the percussion of our heart beats
bang into the walls of our rib pen
so they compose notes
tousled in this sheet music
let’s arrange our musical octaves
into songs
only the hummingbird in your smile
can sing

-Jennifer.H 2015


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