You can’t force it
Trust is be earned and kept
You can’t assume you can give it..
Trust is to be sacred
You can’t take it for granted
Trust is to be valued
The thing is the word trust is used ever so loosely
Trust is given upon first contact
Trust is assumed in a relationship
Trust is a virginity of the soul
The soul has so many wounds that can’t be repaired
The soul is left punctured
Trust is given multiple times to who has already proven they don’t care..
Take care of your soul..
Let not anyone puncture your soul
For it changes you
For it changes you forever
For the wound is like an open cut in the lip
With weeks still not healed because it’s always moist
Your soul is to be taken care of
You are to be selfish with your soul
For untrustworthy people can change you forever
Be careful with who you trust
Let it not destroy you.
Let trust be earned and kept..
Choose wisely



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