Mind vs. Heart

Second time around I get this feeling
Feeling the pulse in my throat meeting the same pulse of my heart
And it hits me, another case of getting over something
Except this time I have experience and I know I can
Except like the last time I sat there and questioned it all
The fear of being alone is so powerful
Yet the reality of it is so promising…
But you don’t want anyone just entering and promising..
That’s how you got here
This dream lasted longer than my sleep..
A feeling in your stomach telling you to turn away; you deserve more
But that little beat in your heart whispering to give another try.
The mind silencing the heart because all of a sudden the hearts wants what it wants
It suddenly developed a voice and now the voice of your own thoughts are having a war inside of you
Because your heart thinks this but your mind knows this
And you’re torn
Because they both make valid arguments but you sit and revaluate that your heart is what got you here in the first place two times
And although love is what you ooze
You rather go with your mind
Oh blood is what you ooze
But you want to trust your mind
And it’s hard
your own organs are playing tug of war over a situation you thought you had control over but your mind is being over powered..
But this time I’m going with the weak.. My heart will just have to wait. My mind deserves a chance.



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