And when it’s real your question for love won’t bounce up and down..
25¢ bouncy ball
Your emotions will be caressed but only in the sense of him stroking everything you feel insecure about
And when it’s real.. You won’t hide your emotions
Suddenly he became the diary you pour all your feelings into..
Except the key is trust.. And you’ll know you trust him because you won’t never hold back..
And when it’s real you won’t hide your poet habits.. He’d understand that you’re an emotional being and he’d sit and listen to you..
And when it’s real.. The future will be brought up every day
Planning like its tomorrow and it’ll warm your heart to plan so ahead where you’re already thinking of color patterns and the layout of your first place
And when it’s real… He’d be able see the pain in your face by the mistakes
And he’d make it a rule not to hurt you..
And he wouldn’t be perfect but the exception of being perfect for you would be his main goal..
And when it’s real.. He wouldn’t pressure you about things you have no control of..
You wouldn’t feel obligated..
Obligation would leave the base of the relationship
Because when it’s real it’s work from anywhere..
And when it’s real all the things that damaged you from the past wouldn’t show up again this time..
And when it’s real you’ll know.
You’ll know you’ve found your prince
You’ll know.

-Jennifer. H


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