Be aware.

Outside of my poetry.. I will like everyone to be aware of the suicide season. Around the Holidays most people feel alone and or feel like there is no other escape outside of killing themselves. I recently had a front row seat with my best friend taking his own life and the devastation and hurt from a situation like such has got to be the worst feeling ever. I just want everyone to know who’s struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts.. You’re never alone. There are so many people who are there and that love you, you have absolutely no idea. If you ever feel like you don’t have anyone inside of your friends and family there are many chats, phone lines and programs to help you over come such dark thoughts. I for one am always open to listen. After this tragic death of my best friend I want to be known for over extending my open ears and most importantly my open heart to comfort and be there for anyone who’s in need of a friend. It truly sucks losing someone who’ve you talked to every single day and one day they take their life. Depression wears a mask on people and you will never know.. So take the time out and just ask people how they are feeling, always give positive feedback because negativity only drives an pushes a person to the end. Be kind, love more outside of yourself and let your friends and family know the amount of love over powers their doubts about not being good enough, not having their stuff together and being lonely. There is an excessive amount of suicides each day ranging from kids in middle and up and being that my best friend was only 20 yrs old makes my stomach turn.. Life will not be easy.. But you can guarantee the obstacles that God puts you through are only test to get you prepared for the big blessing. If anyone needs to talk you can always email me.. Or simply contact me on here. Happy holidays to you all. 🎅🎄

-Jennifer. H


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