This was your last chance..
And I know there’s more out there that would be afraid to hurt me..
Who wouldn’t hurt me..
Perfection isn’t something I expected out of you..
3 of the same mistakes I will not accept from you..
So I thank you.. For making this easy on me..
I thank you for sealing the envelope to a letter with no destination..
Along went with what I thought was real..
So I thank you for not only painting the perfect picture of why I can’t trust you but I thank you for making it a feeling..
Everything all seemed to be to good to be true..
And it was..
I chuckle because I was proven otherwise than I had thought you were
Because I thought you were.. Amazing.. I thought you were loving and I thought you were well mannered but you see..
It’s my fault for writing a story..
And this time I can’t even cry because those are long gone.. And usually you cry when you’re hurt..
But the end of 2014 has made me stronger than I’ve ever been..
So I thank God for he woman he made me within..
I know he’s out there.. And with all the time I have in the world I’m in no rush..
But when I finally meet him..
My love will drown him like a tsunami..
My love will make him feel like he’s in a sealed room with no air to breathe..
My love will be so tightly wrapped around every inch of his body.. An this time he will Love Me,



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