At first

At first..
I thought I needed you to complete me
Became so dependent on the fact that you’d always be here..
And reality set in..
You probably didn’t know I was struggling with depression in the midst of all the love I was giving you..
I took the attention off me and showered you with it..
And now I see..
You never noticed anything..
You don’t understand me
I was weak
I was sad
I was afraid
And you.. You weren’t there
Well now it’s 2 months later and the distance is finally doing its duty..
Because broken up is what we are
With a title.
I’ve became my go-to guy..
And I listen more than anything..
I know for a fact now; I don’t need you to complete me..
My effort to keep what’s no longer visible to the soul has vanished..
I only prayed for everything to be okay for 3 months..
And well what another lesson you were to me..
Now I can live knowing that I don’t need you anymore.. Happily.

-Jennifer. H


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