November 29, 2014

I only heard the news today
Of how you chose to go away
My blood went cold
And I could not cry
My friend of old
Will I ever know why

I was only told today
Of how you decided not to stay
My mind just fled
And I fought for breath
As I tried to comprehend
Your unforeseen death

I only found out today
Of how, alone, you went away
My soul went quiet
But I wanted to scream
Your pain kept private
Why did no-one see

I only heard the words today
Of how, you couldn’t stay
My heart, it lurched
And then turned to lead
All this time I have searched
Only to find you are dead

I can only start to grieve today
For you my friend, now far away
My spirit seems to me strangely hollow
And tears stream down my cheeks
But I cannot even share my sorrow
For I’m too late by many weeks

I can only start feeling regret today
For my failure to find you and help you stay
My heart knew something I was missing
And bid me seek out your smile
But I had no way at all of guessing
My quest would miss by a mile

I can only try and tell you today
For perhaps you can hear from far away
My dreams had begun to make me worry
And deep inside I sensed you cried
That I didn’t realise sooner, I am sorry
My search only began just before you died
But as it was, I had no clue
So for months I tried
Somehow to reach you

I can only wonder why today
And ponder that you couldn’t stay
I wish you’d thought before to try
And let me know, inside you cried
For maybe I could have held you near
Or just been there to share your fear
Or to make you laugh
Or maybe to cry
Or to offer you somewhere safe to lie
Or maybe together sit under a tree
And just for a moment
Feel free to be

And so now, sadly, I farewell you today
To let you continue on your way
I hope someday we can once again meet
Perhaps one day, up in the sky we will greet
Until then may your spirit soar high
Your soul free from the pain held in life
For now, know that I love you my friend
And that I cared to the very end
And please, now and forever, my sweet
May you always
Rest in Peace
I love you Tyrell.
-Jennifer Hall #BFF4L


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