Something like a november sunset


You are the end

you are the last bit of light before 
darkness falls

before the idea of nothing 
tempts and teases at my mind
you are quiet

you say goodbye without warning 

and at times you do not even attempt 
to leave a trace of your departure and 
i miss you
but there are nights
 where the whole world stops 
when you say goodbye

you paint the skies with colors and hues 
left behind in dreams deferred 
you turn clouds into candy and screams
into silence
you leave with a show
a grand surrender 
to let everyone know that you once were 
and may be so soon
but in the time between
 you give them something to remember
so when the darkness does fall 
they have something to hold on to
 but nothing to compare you to
after you there is nothing 
but with you there is life”
– Jennifer. H *picture taken by me 🙂


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