Bubble baths

It’s something about bubble baths.. Usually the water is scorching hot and you’re inching your way in slowly one body part at a time..
Sort of like life..
Slowly inching our way in..
Afraid of full exposure
you’re all the way in now..
A lot of thoughts running through your head..
But suddenly half an hour pasts and the water isn’t so hot anymore
Bubbles start to dissolve
And you’re still sitting there because of comfortability
Sort of like life..
Comfortability allows us to be content with the way things are going..
Forgetting the main idea was to wash up and continue..
But now I’m comfy
I’m okay
It feels good
Sort of like life..
Less achievements
Because of being content..
It’s warm temp has postponed all plans
Avoid Bubble baths

-Jennifer. H


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