Unconcerned About A Title

Lately I’ve been feeling so unmotivated
Hard to pin point why
Especially because I have set goals for myself
Breaking down became the easiest escape
Set backs keep springing out the blue
Useless has became a nickname id call myself frequently
Yet what I want in still in arms reach..
But “Unmotivated” is all I see
When it all first began it was only one cloud of negativity above my head..
Suddenly a storm has filled my mind
I’m actually not motivated enough to finish this..
But this is the only is the only thing that seems to to get something out of me..
We will all be dead for a very long time so why is there a lack of motivation?
Soul surgery in full effect.. Seems as if the thought of being useless is spreading..
I’m motivated enough to shake this sickness.


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