She’s afraid of struggle..
A little shake and she’s ready to shake
She convinces herself she’s just not a fighter
Her relationship is deteriorating
Her mind is deteriorating
She’s what she was afraid to be..
She’s weak
She realizes the more convincing she tries to do, the more she is realizing a shift in speed..
The worst part is, She just took off..
She thought..
She’s had so much turbulence she lost track of her departure..
She’s been flying for quite some time now..
She’s realizing.. Convincing herself was the worst theory..
She’s manipulated her own mind to think it was only the beginning..
It was.. It was the beginning of a whole new story..
The story she had only consists of “convincing”.,
She never realized how blind she was to what was happening..
She’s wants everything back but it’s no longer there..
She cries..
She cries often..
She knows it’s time to give it up..
Her flight is 30 mins from a new beginning..
Her flights is almost ready to land..
Her mind is rushing..
Trying to figure out how to fix this and that..
It’s too late..
It’s not the same..
Is she doing it again?
Her problem is she only confines in herself..
She’s swaye..
She doesn’t have the answers,
She cries..
She knows this isn’t the end of life..
But why does it seem like it?
She’s ready to land..
She’s ready to accept..
She was blinded by turbulence.

-Jennifer H (V old)


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