You’re not my routine now..
You’re my routine mentally
Constantly thinking of you repeatedly
So I guess it’s something that I do everyday
You changed me
I haven’t figured out in what ways directly
I feel different
A good kind of different
What was your mission?
Although I felt alone, you’re the one I’m missing
Somehow you’re still my future routine
And I’m not sure if I’m speaking from my mind or
If it’s within me
I wish this was the beginning
I guess because I seen you in me
I saw me in you
Everything is shifting
My rescue boat is in the middle of the sea I’m waiting for you to notice
I’m alone again..
I’m hoping you haven’t gotten over me
I know I sucked
But you taught me things
Things that I feel will help me in the future
But with your teachings will I still have you?
Or was this the mission all along
To teach me how to love and then begone
I hope not
God, I love you
11:11 doesn’t come often enough
I’m tired of being tough
Inside I’m soft, I’m weak
I still dream of you being my future routine

– Jennifer H (aug 9th)


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