That 1 night

One shot, two hits, 1 cup, two shots, three hits, 1 cup, three shots, 4 hits, 1 cup and repeat..
So much commotion but all I could focus on was you..
I had never been lifted so high before both literally and mentally..
I thought I lost it..
Trying to hang in there with you
Throwing ping pong balls into a cup became a reflex, drinking them became a routine..
So fucked up
And I remember you telling me you’d drink them for me but I refused
Because the more I lost it, the more I felt closer to you

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Every one shouted and we kissed… That day will never be forgotten but much so missed.
Now I understand why I love that song so much…

Drunk In Love.

-Jennifer. H


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