Everyday she tries to fight off her insecurities fusing and fighting from the inside hoping no one can hear she.
Thinking the things she see’s online are to good to be true, staring at herself in the mirror asking herself why can’t that be you? Always finding something wrong with herself when everyone seems to think She’s so happy, questioning herself “why can’t I comb out this attitude inside of me its so nappy”…
Here and there she looks in the mirror and like what she see’s every once a week and truthfully mirrors make her weak… Why are their so many? Why must she see her own complexion? Why isn’t she her own biggest obsession..
Sucking in her stomach and poking her ass out became the pose she felt would get her noticed..
All for wrong reasons..
She wasn’t doing it for herself
She came to realize that she is her own enemy. Not loving herself and what she has within her. Comparing herself to everyone. Trying to fit in. So much shit to keep up with, she doesn’t know where to begin. How can she expect someone to love her when she puts everyone above her? The only reason they’re above her is because of her perspective of her reflection.



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