Teach me

I don’t argue with people I can’t have make up sex with. What’s a few exchanged words?
Some hurtful, some disrespectful and some flat out bogus… Then what? We go our separate ways. I don’t argue with someone I can’t later on rip off their clothes and ask for forgiveness if I was wrong and to punish me
I don’t argue…. non beneficial. I want to have an disagreement, Then later on have an agreement where we both suddenly agree because of the arousal satisfaction of our skin touching, rubbing, slipping off one another..
Creating so much heat that the only things coming out is the sweat that our glands produce.. The only screaming I want to do is begging you to go harder and harder
I want my words to leave my mouth,
my fight to be gone, my mind to be lost but my body to be open
I don’t argue with people I can’t later on fuck the shit out of..
I want the battle of frustration to be taken out, anger to be released and aggressiveness to be at a all time high..
I want to close my eyes and feel as if I’m literally fucked and my soul standing on top of my body making me helpless
I want to feel the tongue lightly moving around my body, squirming because the feeling of my arms have lost all movement, no resisting.. I want to learn.. I want to be taught a lesson. So I’ll argue at least until you show me I was wrong..

-Jennifer. H


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