Him: the objective case of he, used as a direct or indirect object:

In all that a young girl describes as her dream
You are Him..
She grew up with the hopes of meeting him
Oblivious to what others told her about never finding “Him”
Him to every one else was a fairytale..
Coaching their minds to believe that if they ever came across what felt unreal it was a tale..
Altering others minds by believing true love was imaginary..
Failing to realize being in love is supposed to feel imaginative, poetic, dreamlike
She began to listen to how’d she described her “Him” to others and slowly started to apprehend not only was he all she dreamed about but she had opened up what looked like a fairytale published by her…
The fairytale wasn’t so much of a mythical story anymore.. It was Him
Loving… You are Him
Caring… You are Him
Intelligent… You are Him
Beautiful… You are Him
Humorous… You are Him
You are living proof of a fairytale
You are a walking poem
You are my walking poem
You are Him..
A dream come true..
I Love You.

Fairy tale: an incredible or misleading statement, account, or belief:
Dream: a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind
Poem: composition that, though not inverse, is characterized by (great beauty) of language or expression:

– Jennifer. H


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