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This here life is not easy to live
I mean we living but ain’t shit given
Fucking but ain’t no feelings
Family but out here killin
Fortunate but out here stealing
Sinning but out here kneeling
Dreaming but steady “chilling”
Putting folks down when we should be healing
Everyone is blind to fact this world is fucked up
In their heads people with success suddenly lucked up
Our generation heads are defective
Opportunities handed out left to right but being so selective
Not realizing the actions being done are reflective
Who exploits women?
Who degrades women?
Niggas oblivious to fact that a women are the reason they’re here
The respect level is low and that’s clear
Mindset is drunk brain filled w/100 beers
Not literally
But generally we live in no fear
Like God isn’t the reason we are all here
Take opportunities for granted
Not life
Make a respectable women yours
Stop trynna make a hopeless women ya wife
We too busy talking about expanding our pockets
Losing morals
Not keeping God locked in our lockets
Money isn’t everything
Our minds are tied around it perfectly like shoestrings
Thinking money can buy us the sentimental things
Media and rappers make it seem like it’s all about the dollas
We shouldn’t be so separated we should cling, we all brothers and sisters balancing on one string.
Balance beam.
Giving up seems so easy
While people with cancer is asking god everyday.. Why me?
People suddenly dying with no warning
And the next time we see them we’re mourning
But before the sickness came about we out here partying
Drinking and driving
Putting innocent people life’s in danger
Cause rules we don’t abide them
We don’t truly care for those who surround us
Toying with others feelings like a playground
Moving fast through people’s life like the grey hound
Using girls wounding up having a rebound
Girls hearts being dumped, impound
Forgetting we all came from the same background
Distinguishing each other by skin color now
What the fucking happen to our moral vows?
Is this not what king fought for?
Are really going to close that door?
Selfish, ungrateful, unforgiving, sinning, thankless, shameless people we are called leaves our great leader appalled
But you see we don’t care nothing about that because to us we ain’t come from that
Talking proper gets you picked on
Wearing clothes that fit get you snickered upon
When we all just want to be accepted by one another
but the fucking pedestal so fucking high
We either die trying or wound up crying
Thinking gods creation has gone to waste
Comparing every part of ourselves to another nigga or bitch face
So I’m here to pass out a can of this
Not cannabis
But knowledge
To everyone who feels alone
You weren’t meant to be a clone
Stop comparing your lives to others
What’s visible to the eye is only what you know
Because they live in a nice house doesn’t make it a home

– Jennifer. H


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